‘Your vote means NOTHING’ Brussels insists land grab plot WILL go ahead despite Dutch ‘no’

But less than 24 hours later the Brussels elite has declared their wishes irrelevant, insisting it will plough ahead with its expansionist and federalist agenda regardless. 

Mrs Merkel told reporters: “We’re going to manage this as we have managed other difficult issues before.” 

Her comments are believed to refer to the last time the Dutch people rejected an EU power grab, when they voted against the proposed EU Constitution in 2005. 

In that case the document was simply rebranded as the Lisbon Treaty and brought into law without any democratic oversight. 

Meanwhile French President Francois Hollande reacted to the Dutch ‘no’ vote today by insisting it is irrelevant. 

He said: “As far as Europe is concerned, it will implement what it can of the association agreement. 

”As far as France and Germany, we will continue to support Ukraine and apply the association agreement in our respective countries.” 

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