Youngsters set to head out on loan

Sunderland expect to see a number of their Under-21 players leave on loan for first-team experience, according to coach Andy Welsh.

Sunderland: Youngsters set to head out on loan Sunderland: Youngsters set to head out on loan

The young Black Cats are in a fight for the Premier League-Under-21 title with Manchester United but their quest could be undermined by players heading out on loan.

Under-21 coach Andy Welsh says he would not be upset to see his young stars leave as long as they go to clubs which will add to their football development.

Welsh told the Gazette he would not be surprised to see more of his young players move out on loan, when asked he said: “Potentially, yes.

“All our games are heavily scouted by Football League clubs now because we are up there and the players are playing well.

“If, for example, we thought one of the players would benefit from moving somewhere then we would do that for his individual development.”

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