Xia looking to rebrand as ‘Lotus Villa Park’

Villa fans have been warned to expect a ‘rebrand’ of Villa Park following the £60m sale of the club to Chinese businessman Dr Tony Xia.

Aston Villa: Xia looking to rebrand as 'Lotus Villa Park'Aston Villa: Xia looking to rebrand as 'Lotus Villa Park'

The Mirror claim Dr Xia will try to get fans on side by promising major investment in the transfer market, with Villa’s next manager to be given £50million to spend on players in the Championship next season.

However, the name of the club’s iconic stadium could change for the first time in over 100 years, with the name Lotus Villa Park already having been floated by Dr Xia in an interview with the Beijing Times.

“One of the things we have thought about is using the Lotus Health name to rebrand Villa Park,” Xia said. “Villa Park is a very historical stadium, so we will not simply and callously destroy a club’s history.

“We want to use Villa’s history and it’s substantial fan base around the world to also promote Lotus Health products and services globally.

“The ideal scenario would be for fans to enjoy Lotus Health products at Lotus Villa Park, it would be a great great advert for both brands.”

Xia heads up Recon Group, a holding company based in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou and in Beijing with a mix of investments – including a 75 per cent stake in Lotus Health Group.

According to a company statement, Lotus Health is “the largest glutamic acid company in China” and has 12,000 employees and 10,000 distributors in the country.

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