Would Aston Villa make a good Jon Snow? All the Premier League clubs reimagined as Game of Thrones characters

The hit show Game of Thrones returns to television much to the delight of millions of viewers worldwide.

The show, based on George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series, is infamous for its twists and turns and the emotional turmoil it puts fans through.

The description of ‘twists and turns and emotional turmoil’ could easily be used to describe this season’s Premier League, with big teams falling from grace and unlikely candidates battling it out to be named Kings of England.

But if the Premier League throws up as many twists and turns as Game of Thrones, then which clubs would be best suited to which character?

Well, talkSPORT have the answers for you! Click the arrow above, right, to see which character your favourite club best resembles!


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