Women warned ‘don’t go out at night’ after migrant sex attackers target 10-YEAR-OLD GIRLS

Mr Jerand admitted officers had failed to protect a number of women who were sexually assaulted at a music festival in Stockholm, with the subsequent cover-up of the crimes shocking the nation. 

He said: “Police have previously been criticised for not going out and informing people, I think of the example of the criticism over the We Are Stockholm festival. 

“Therefore we choose now to go out and tell people. We would, of course, not scare people, but at the same time, we have a responsibility to tell people what is happening.” 

But the warning was widely criticised by women’s rights advocates, who expressed concerns that Sweden’s hard fought gender equality is being undermined by a blind obedience to the dogma of multiculturalism. 

Local government commissioner Ann-Sofie Andersson said it was fundamentally wrong to ask women to “adapt” to the needs of sex abuse monsters. 

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