Will England ever repeat their heroic World Cup win of 1966? England fans have their say

“Everyone else is a lot better than we are and I don’t think we’re going to get to that level to win the World Cup. 

“There’s an expectation and I don’t think we’ll lose that. People get too excited and think we’re a bigger team than we are.

“Until we realise we are perhaps not we’re not really going to get anywhere but I’ll still be in the pub in two years with my shirt on thinking we’re going to win it, although deep down I know we won’t.”

Others were more confident, with Luke Purcell in no doubt that the Three Lions would lift the trophy again.

He said: “You’ve got to hope so. Yeah, absolutely. 

“Sam Allardyce has a great personality, in as much, he’ll get the best out of players. We’ve got a lot of young players that have got potential, who can kick on and potentially take us to the next level.”

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