Why we MUST speed up EU exit: New migrant surge on the way ahead of Brexit curbs

“The Government doesn’t seem to have a plan. It urgently needs one.

“If we’re serious about bringing down levels of immigration, we’ve got to keep order at the border.”

Mr Elphicke, who is not member of the committee, also seized on his fellow MPs’ condemnation of the failure to collect millions of pounds of fines a year levied on lorry drivers caught with illegal stowaways on board.

Under a civil penalty system introduced in 2004, drivers and their employers can be fined up to £2,000 per person found, regardless of whether they knew they were on board.

Around 40 illegal migrants a day – many who started their journeys in the Calais “Jungle” camp – were found in Dover and surrounding areas last summer. 

The UK’s Border Force and French counterparts foiled an estimated 40,000 attempts to illegally enter the UK at Calais and, Coquelles and Dunkerque last year, more than double the 18,000 made 12 months earlier.

But fines served on drivers and haulage firms – mostly foreign-owned – have not all been paid. 

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