‘When’s he going to stop fibbing?’ Brexit campaigner calls out PM over ‘bullying’ campaign

Real estate entrepreneur and CEO Richard Tice called out David Cameron for having a history of reneging on his political promises.

Mr Tice’s comments come shortly after Steve Hilton, former strategy director for Mr Cameron, claimed his old boss was told EU free movement rules meant he could not hit his net migration target.

The Leave.EU co-founder said this reflected poorly on the PM, insisting he must have known his immigration targets were unachievable.

He told talkRADIO: “Anybody who has any knowledge of this debate has known for years that being in the European Union means free movement of people, and the prime minister must have known.”

“If he didn’t, then frankly he’s just not being very bright. It would be impossible to meet his claim.

“He’s got a track record of saying one thing, in the full knowledge that he can’t or won’t deliver. When’s he going to stop fibbing to the British people?”

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