What REALLY happened when Hillary and Bill Clinton tried to open UFO truths 21 years ago?

Towards late 1995, relations appeared to thaw with Rockefeller supporter Scott Jones writing a strongly-worded warning to Dr Gibbons about the letter to President Clinton and newspaper adverts being ready ahead of the latter’s ill-fated re-election campaign.

But the threat never appeared to be carried out.

Aside from the Roswell report released in 1994, we know in 1995, President Clinton declassified millions of military and intelligence records, but not about UFOs.

Then the trail of what the Clintons did, tried to do or were prevented from doing goes cold.

What Mr Bassett and his many supporters find irksome, is despite all the current noise from camp Clinton about disclosure, he claims they have not spoken about the Rockefeller Initiative, what went on, and why it failed.

Nor have any of a group of around 23 surviving Clinton camp officials and campaigners who would have been aware of it, he claimed.

Mr Bassett said: “The Rockefeller Initiative did not succeed in getting any UFO files released and wound down in the Fall of 1996. 

“For the next 20 years no member of the Clinton team connected to or aware of Rockefeller will publicly say a word about it. 

“Mrs Clinton was directly involved in an effort to release all Government held UFO files to the public. 

“The effort failed and she and other members of the Clinton administration decided to not speak.”

He has twice written open letters to Mrs Clinton, but not had a response. 

Attempts at getting the Obama administration to open up also failed.

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