West Ham want to replace David Moyes with Quique Sanchez Flores – report

“I’m all for giving someone a second chance, even a third chance, but a fourth chance? Is that really the best you can do?

“There are far better candidates out there than David Moyes.

“If you look at his past three jobs it is hard to see how he deserves ago at West Ham United.

“I can see why West Ham might have looked at the 54-year-old and thought, ‘we need someone who can make us solid, give the side shape and us’, but the fans were unimpressed by the idea.

“Usually when there is no excitement among the fans it doesn’t end very well.

“The one thing that may help him compared to Sunderland is that West Ham will have more money to spend, but I have always found him to be too indecisive in the transfer market.

“It may be that Moyes can steady the ship but I don’t think he will excite the fans. If he is going to be a success he will need to perform as well as he did at Everton — and then some.”

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