Wembley ‘pitch’ at Spurs’ training ground

Mauricio Pochettino wants an identical-size pitch to Wembley at Spurs’ training ground to prepare for the Champions League campaign.

Tottenham: Wembley 'pitch' at Spurs' training groundTottenham: Wembley 'pitch' at Spurs' training ground

Spurs will use Wembley next season for their European games and, such is boss Pochettino’s eye for detail, that he is concerned switching between the smaller White Hart Lane pitch, which the club will continue to use in the Premier League next season, and the national stadium will cause problems.

So, the Argentinian coach, according to the Telegraph, is keen for the club to mark a pitch out that exactly matches Wembley’s dimensions at their Enfield training base which they can use for their Champions League preparation.

Spurs are temporarily staging European games at Wembley next season as they begin to build their new 60,000-seater stadium next to the current White Hart Lane site, and they will then move all their ‘home’ matches to the national stadium in the 2017-18 campaign to allow the new arena to be finished.

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