We’ll be more engaged in the world, vows Johnson

Mr Johnson, who was the most prominent member of the Leave campaign, has enjoyed an extraordinary first 10 days in office and has hosted two conferences in London on the conflicts in Syria and Yemen as well as visiting Brussels, Washington and New York. 

During a first visit in his new position to United Nations headquarters in New York, where he voted in the Security Council for a unanimously passed resolution to destroy chemical weapons in Libya then met UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Mr Johnson emphasised Britain would not be withdrawing from its global role because it is leaving the EU. 

“When we talk about Brexit and Britain leaving the European Union, this is not Britain leaving Europe. We are going to be more committed than ever before to cooperation and participation and support for other European countries, whether through defence policy, coordination of foreign policy or counter-terrorism.

“The UK is going to be more visible, more active, more energetic than ever before.” 

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