WCQ: Brazil Takes Back the Throne in South America – Argentina Struggling to Stay Afloat

Brazil’s reign over South America continues as the team took Uruguay’s scalp in the latest CONEMBOL qualification round for the World Cup in Russia. The Brazilians destroyed Uruguay by beating them with a 3 goal difference on away ground.

Now after a decade of being in the doldrums, the Cariocas have confirmed their supremacy in South America once again. The final5 rounds will be very hot and exciting especially for bettors that use Bet365 bonuses  .

Their re-ascent to the top was even more spectacular considering Uruguay had a perfect 6-0-0 score on their home ground during the qualifications. They also conceded only one goal till Brazil destroyed their morale. Now the Brazilians are 7 points ahead on the table followed up by Uruguay.

The manner in which Brazil destroyed Uruguay is remarkable considering their disappointing performances that have been going on ever since 2007 Copa America. In the last decade their habit was stranding in the quarterfinals, but Tite’s team has shown us that Brazil is back and hungry for a football domination.


Will Argentina Qualify?

Argentina on the other hand has been struggling with their performance lately. The team that reached (and lost) three straight major tournaments finals was in the danger of dropping out of the race, but they managed to stay afloat with their 1-0 win over Chile.

If it wasn’t for Messi’s penalty kick, the Argentinians would have been sharing the 5th spot on the table with Ecuador and Chile, which is the spot that gets them to the next stage qualification play-off game. All in all it was a very tight win considering how Chile was extremely close to an equalizer and even to a lead when Sanchez struck the crossbar with his free-kick.

Despite all of those world-class attackers on the pitch such as Messi, Higuain, Di Maria, the first half was short of boring and there was very little entertainment, hence the final result of just 1 goal, which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the penalty kick.

The new coach Bauza has struggled to find a style of play in which star strikers like Di Maria, Messi and Higuain are expect to score more than just 15 goals in 13 games. Argentina has a long way to go with some tricky away games against Uruguay and Bolivia still to come.


Other Results

Colombia has climbed to the 4th spot after their 1-0 win against Bolivia. The make things more interesting, Paraguay has won too against Ecuador 2-1 getting them closer to that play-off game reserved for the fifth ranking team. On the other end of the table, Venezuela and Peru played a 2-2 draw game, teams without any prospect of reaching the top spots. Venezuela as always is at the bottom with just one win and one point behind Bolivia, a team that barely scored 10 goals in the qualifications.

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