Watch Champions League draws on Monday

The draws for the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League first and second qualifying rounds will be streamed live from Nyon on at 12:00CET on Monday as the road to Cardiff begins. The teams and seedings for both draws will be confirmed ahead of the ceremony including any restrictions.

First qualifying round draw

  • The teams are separated into two pots according to coefficient, with the highest-ranked sides seeded.
  • Ties played on 28/29 June and 5/6 July.

Second qualifying round draw

  • The champions of the countries who enter in this round are joined by the first qualifying round winners. The appropriate number of balls contain slips of paper reading ‘Winner first qualifying round tie x’ and take the coefficient of the seeded team in each of those ties.
  • Before the draw clubs are split into groups with equal numbers of seeded and unseeded teams who are drawn together.
  • Ties played on 12/13 and 19/20 July.

Both draws
Balls containing the seeded sides from one group are placed in one bowl, with balls for the unseeded clubs in the same group positioned in another. A ball is taken from each bowl and put into a large empty bowl in the middle, where they are shuffled. The first team drawn plays their first match at home, against the second one drawn.

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