Was Putin’s car crash actually an ASSASSINATION attempt by foreign agents?

Pro-Putin conspiracy theory website, the Millennium Report suggested the “audacious threat” to the life of President Putin could only be the work of an inside group of “foreign secret service agents who have proxies operating within Moscow”.

In a report published on the website, titled “Did the neon criminal cabal just send a message to President Vladimir Putin?” they suggested that Anglo-American Axis (AAA) “will stop at nothing to control Russia”.

It said: “The AAA leadership has shown time and again that they are populated by a number of criminally insane psychopaths who will stop at nothing until they have taken back Russia (they owned it once under the rubric of Soviet communism as the USSR).

“Now the misguided cabal wants to take ownership again by way of the capitalistic political economy.

“Through a combination of predatory capitalism, economic sanctions, monetary sabotage, financial terrorism, weather warfare, as well as strategically located unprovoked wars of aggression and jihadi terrorism.

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