Village stuck with ‘painfully slow’ internet after stubborn pensioner blocks BT upgrade

When he and his wife Marion, 85, bought the £400,000 detached bungalow in 1998 they were happy for engineers to make infrequent visits to the box.

But when broadband came to the village in April 2014, BT wrote to Mr Moreton offering him £758 to install a new broadband cabinet on his property.

The former army aircraft mechanic refused on the basis it would knock £50,000 of the its value and cause additional traffic to build outside his home.

BT agreed and built a box in a nearby quieter lane, leaving Mr Moreton in the belief the issue had finally been resolved.

But in September last year, he was horrified to discover a BT Openreach workman digging a trench from the road to the box in his garden.

This caused him to take his drastic action and he has not allowed them to get into the box since, despite them turning up several times a week at one point.

He said: “(Whenever they arrive) I go and stand in front of them and won’t let them work on it.

“I feel that they are invading my personal property. It’s six metres inside my property and I don’t want people trampling all over my garden several times a week.

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