Villa expected to make return trip for striker

Aston Villa are expected to return to watch FC Midtjylland striker Paul Onuachu after his goal against Manchester United last Thursday.

Aston Villa: Villa expected to make return trip for strikerAston Villa: Villa expected to make return trip for striker

The 21-year-old Nigerian forward’s major role in the Danish champions’ 2-1 home win over United has sparked interest from other English clubs, according to a Midtjylland spokesman.

Onuachu had only been on the pitch for 17 minutes when he scored the winning goal in front of scouts from Villa, Chelsea, Leicester and Southampton.

Claus Steinlein, a former Danish league footballer, admitted that Onuachu’s performance had led to an increased interest in the player.

“It’s hard to say how much his price has risen,” he told

“The journalists love to get us to say that now he’s gone from 10 million euros to 50 million euros. But it’s more that he is on the radar now of many English clubs. He is of course worth much money, if he can follow it up.

“20 years ago [a player] could be sold abroad on the back of the match that Paul played against Manchester United. Not so today. He must play well for six months or a year, score goals continuously and make some assists, playing good matches.

“Now begins the process of clubs coming over here to look. We get several scout visits, and there will probably also be several from England to see if it was just luck, or if he really is so clever. This is what Paul has to prove now.”

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