Top 20 Premier League teams ranked by amount of long balls since 2006/07

In football, especially in the Premier League, the long ball is strange beast.

Teams who fire the ball upfield as they attempt to gain much-needed territory, or a rest from relentless attacks, are admonished for playing ugly football.

But, on the other hand, these actions can be hugely positive for some teams as they look to play counter-attacking football.

Defined a ball played 35 yards and over into a specific zone, rather than towards a specific player, it indicates, perhaps, a less measured attempt to get a team into the final third, although it can help a fast strikers get in behind less nimble defences.

Since the 2006/07 season, the Premier League, with some help from Opta have got the statistics to show who have played the most long balls.

So, to find out which teams are fond of a hoof upfield, click the right arrow above…

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