Tony Pulis admits he can’t control his touchline antics

“You just get so wrapped up in things”

West Brom manager Tony Pulis

“But you just get so wrapped up in things. It’s like you are in a bubble.

“My wife can’t believe it. If she watches TV that is. That’s the way I am and some managers are. You transform yourself into that 90 minutes.”

When Pulis’ foghorn voice isn’t having the desired effect, he relies on his piercing whistle, but admits that can be a waste of time.

“Do the players understand what I’m trying to put over when I whistle? No, they just ignore me and go further away,” he added.

“When the cold weather sneaks in, I start losing my voice and getting sore throats.

“I just can’t help the way I am. The 90 minutes is the time you can’t control anything – everything you’ve worked for during the week both on and off the pitch.”

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