Time to silence Brexit whingers: Forget angry Remainers – slash ties with Brussels NOW

The aggressive line has also been picked by senior EU figures including European Investment Bank boss Werner Hoyer threatening to “end” cheap loans and starve the UK in submission, while Frankfurt is attempting to poach banks from the City of London.

Leave Means Leave has demanded that Britain sets a clear two year deadline to get out of the EU when Article 50 is triggered next year.

Last night one senior member of the group, MEP David Campbell Bannerman, who sits on the European Parliament’s trade committee, said: “These empty threats are a totally misguided attempt by the EU empire to strike back.

“Our Government is in the stronger position and needs to stand up against the EU and spell out the dangers such an approach could have on the negotiations.

“If the EU do not secure a trade deal with the UK, the shockwaves could bring down the .”

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