This is where it all went wrong for Roberto Di Matteo at Aston Villa

The iceberg had been struck long before Di Matteo came in – today he was unceremoniously tossed into the ice-cold waters where ex-managers so often perish.

The allure of a club like Villa isn’t hard to see. It’s a huge club, with a massive and loyal fan base and you’d only have to walk around the marvellous stadium once to immediately fall in love with it.

But Villa has been rotten for years – a result of inexplicable decisions from people who really ought to know better.

He’s the sixth permanent manager to take control since Martin O’Neill’s departure six years ago.

Of those, only Paul Lambert lasted over a year and he spent most of his time bailing out water.

Gerard Houllier (10 months), Alex McLeish (11 months), Tim Sherwood (9 months) and Remi Garde (6 months) have now been outstripped by Di Matteo who lasted just 124 days.

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