‘They’re everywhere’ Desperate migrants flock to ‘new Calais’ in fresh mission to reach UK

Mr Burnett said: “This and other reports we are now receiving clearly show that the migrant situation is far from under control.

“It is essential that security, regardless of the size of the French port in question must be increased. The lives of hauliers remain under threat and the issue must be tackled. 

“If this does not happen, and quickly, the whole situation is in real danger of spiralling out of control.”

It comes days after the Freight Transport Association predicted “another summer of unrest in the Calais area” for the freight and logistics industries. 

Hauliers said armed gangs have turned the French town into the “Wild West”, giving chilling accounts of how migrants wielding scaffolding poles pelt trucks with bricks as they try to sneak into Britain as stowaways. 

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