Theresa May told to get on with Brexit NOW as experts warn crucial time is being ‘wasted’

“This will need to involve both effective external engagement – not traditionally a strength of the UK Civil Service – and strong internal coordination, to ensure that her government develops, and sticks to, agreed positions.” 

In the absence of a clear plan, “off-the-cuff remarks” by ministers were filling the void. 

“The current position of the outside world trying to divine the Government’s position from the personal musings of individual ministers is creating unhelpful uncertainty – frustrating those looking for an early exit, perplexing those with whom we have to negotiate, and unsettling those looking to do business with the UK,” the report said. 

Richard Tice, chairman of the Brexit-backing pressure group Leave Means Leave, said last night: “The Government has been given a huge opportunity through Brexit to reengage the UK with the rest of the world. 

“British business is performing very well post-Brexit but investors, businesses and consumers now need some certainty about Brexit timing. If not then confidence to invest will reduce

“Hopefully more detail will be given next week when the Prime Minister addresses the Conservative Party conference.” 

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