The spies in Theresa May’s bedroom: Prime Minister warned over Chinese snoopers at G20

Last night Dai Davies, former head of the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Department, which provides security for the PM, senior ministers and members of the Royal Family, said: “When it comes to spying, the Chinese are on a par with the Russians. 

“These people will use every trick in the book. Those accompanying Theresa May to the G20 summit will have been advised to take every precaution possible, from their communications to their sexual conduct. 

“Honey traps, for instance, are very common along with bugging and interception of text messages and emails.” 

During Mr Brown’s visit to China in 2008, one of the Number 10 officials accompanying the then Prime Minister reportedly fell prey to a “beautiful” female Chinese spy. 

She went back to his hotel room, drugged him and stole his phone and documents from a briefcase. 

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