The biggest prizes in sport

Changes have been announced to the Champions League as UEFA tries to stop the big clubs breaking off and forming their own Super League.

Some of Europe’s top sides have threatened to take action because they don’t think they’re getting enough prize money under the current system.

Real Madrid took home £81m for winning the Champions League last season.

The bottom side in the Premier League, meanwhile, is guaranteed about £97m this season.

This is a big argument, about huge sums of money – but how does it compare to other competitions?

Newsbeat’s been looking into some of the biggest prizes on offer in the world of sport.

The Premier League

Jamie Vardy celebrates a goal with the Leicester fans

In terms of the money up for grabs, football is pretty rich. Winning the Premier League can bag a team around £150 million pounds in total.

But the actual prize money is just part of this, and the way it’s handed out isn’t as simple as you might think.

Despite their fairytale rise to the top of the table last season, Leicester didn’t win the most money.

Arsenal came away with nearly £7m more. It’s because clubs get a bonus for every time one of their games is shown on TV.


Andy Murray celebrates winning Wimbledon 2016

The Royal Family show up to Wimbledon every year (and we can’t remember the last time Prince William was seen at the King Power Stadium) so you might be forgiven for thinking the cash on offer in tennis is pretty huge too.

But when compared to football it’s small change.

The prize for winning the men’s or women’s singles at Wimbledon is £2m, while the US Open is worth slightly more – at £2.5m.

The Super Bowl

Fans drink beer while watching the Denver Broncos

It’s watched by 160m people around the world, and in America alone it leads to the consumption of an estimated 1.25bn chicken wings and 325m gallons of beer.

So the Super Bowl has got to be where the big money is, right?

Well, no. The actual prize is, again, comparatively small – and a lot of it is given to the players themselves.

The Super Bowl final 2016

In 2016, every man on the winning Denver Broncos team was given £75,000 directly by the league – which is less than you get for losing in the third round at Wimbledon.

That’s despite a 30-second advert during one of the game’s many breaks costing a massive £3.45m.

Horse racing

California Chrome winning 2016's Dubai World Cup

The richest horse race in the world is in the Middle East.

California Chrome, the winner of this year’s Dubai World Cup, trotted away with £6.8m.

That’s a lot of sugar cubes.

The Olympics

Team GB's Hockey Team win gold in Rio

The amount of money you get for winning an Olympic medal varies from country to country.

Team GB are pretty stingy. Reaching the peak of your discipline by grabbing gold in front of a packed out crowd will earn you exactly £0.

Yup, nothing.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you’re representing Singapore, you’ll get more than half a million pounds per gold.

Italy, Kazakhstan and Indonesia also offer massive sums.

Competing for Queen and country is – clearly – priceless in Great Britain.


Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao exchange punches during the "fight of the century"

If hearing about the non-existent Team GB Olympic prize money has put you off being a gymnast, then you might want to take up boxing.

The bout in 2015 between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao was billed as “the fight of the century”.

Tickets changed hands for £232,000, while American fans were charged more than £60 to watch on TV.

Mayweather won – and it earned him a prize pot of around £132 million pounds.

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