The Angry Column: The ‘Creme de la Prem’ has snatched away English football for good

It’s the Creme de la Prem of glitz and glamour. But it has nothing to do with England aside from being played on these shores – you might as well play it on Jupiter.

In fact, the Premier League is akin to a twisted version of the Body Snatchers, borrowing our English club names such as Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal and sucking the true life out of it before parading it as an English club playing English football. And we take it all in, fawning over how great English football really is. Nonsense.

The BBC, yes them again, tweeted: “It’s good to be back right? The international break is over.” And that, right there, is proof of the Premier League body snatcher effect.

Those tedious internationals. Horrible things. Pesky flies. Swat them and pour our Premier League fix back down our throats please. England? Who cares? Nobody. Nobody wants to see it, or hear it. It is a dirty word.

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