The agony of a north-east football journalist: Why couldn’t the Leicester story be mine?

We are the agony to Leicester’s ectasy.

Newcastle or Sunderland, or possibly both, will not be in the Premier League next season.

Even Middlesbrough, who have given me my one trophy success in over two decades of reporting the (mis)fortunes of the region’s clubs, could miss out on automatic promotion.

They need to avoid defeat at home to Brighton on Saturday to avoid the dreaded play-offs. Don’t bank on it.

I used to joke with my good friend and colleague Dave Armitage, who covers Leicester, that the North East was in danger of catching “Midlanditis.” (Let’s ignore Aston Villa for now.)

Footy scribes up here consoled ourselves in the fact that while we didn’t win trophies, at least we had more to write about than our fellow journalists in the Midlands.

Not anymore. While Armo and company have been penning The Greatest Story Ever Told, we’ve been dealing in relegation struggles, botched sackings, fans’ protests and convicted sex offenders!

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