Spain and France KILL OFF Nicola Sturgeon’s hopes of joining the EU in brutal humiliation

Ms Sturgeon has used last week’s Leave result in the historic EU referendum to push her case for a second independence vote for Scotland.

In the UK overall 52 per cent of voters opted for Brexit, but in Scotland only 38 per cent wanted to leave the EU with 62 per cent wanting to Remain.

Ms Sturgeon has said it is “clear” that Scotland voted to stay in the EU.

Despite meeting European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, European Parliament president Martin Schulz and leading MEPs today, the First Minister was pointedly snubbed by European Council president Donald Tusk.

Mr Juncker told a news conference: “Scotland has won the right to be heard in Brussels, so I will listen carefully to what the First Minister will tell me.” 

But with Spain and France signalling they will block separate talks with Scotland, Ms Sturgeon is likely to have to win an independence referendum to retain her hopes of the country staying an EU member.

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