2 Responses to “Should Arsenal spend over £25m for Gonzalo Higuain?”

  1. DEO says:

    Higuain may turn out to be an over-hyped player who Arsenal will regret buying. In my opinion a more modestly priced striker with great potential should be targeted. The likes of Wilfried Bony, Yilmaz Burak who are hungry for success and cheaper would be by far better than taking risks on an expensive Higuain. Take for instance, what is Kun Aguero`s goal ratio these past two seasons compared to the price tag? As against a Giroud and his price tag.

    We don’t need 18yard box strikers who wait for the ball. It is no longer fashionable in modern football. We need pacy and hardworking strikers who can close down and take on defenders, good dribbling and shooting skills and can move into the midfield to dislodge opponents and initiate attacks from the midfield.

  2. Ian Hawthorne says:

    He is the first choice striker for Argentina ahead of Aguerro and Tevez.
    Would Man City sell any of those 2 for 25m? Of course not
    Totally fair and reasonable price in today’s market

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