SECRET plan to cut your pensions: May urged to SCRAP Government pledge of annual increases

However Nick Timothy, a special advisor to Theresa May at the Home Office, who has since been appointed Joint Downing Street Chief of Staff, has previously said the Conservative Party made the wrong call on pensioner benefits. 

Mr Timothy, who is regarded as Mrs May’s political brain, argued that cutting pension costs was the obvious alternative to cutting tax credits, but the triple lock policy kept the Government “boxed in”. 

He said: “The obvious truth is that there is more than one way to cut the deficit, but the Government finds itself boxed in. 

“The Government needs to realise that while its own decisions have got it into this mess, there is one dividing line that must not be put at risk – and that is the one that puts the Conservatives on the side of low-paid working families.” 

On resigning from office in March, work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan smith also urged the Government to reconsider the triple lock to stop benefit cuts hitting only those of working age.

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