Sean Dyche: English managers deserve as much credit as Pep Guardiola and Antonio Conte

“I don’t judge myself against Pep Guardiola”

Sean Dyche

He said: “I don’t judge myself against Pep Guardiola with what their squad is, it’s not a level playing field.

“There’s that weird thing about pitting your wits against them. I’m not really, if we had equal squads, that’d be pitting my wits against them.

“There’s massive gaps throughout the Premier League. It’s not interesting for me to go, ‘Oh look, there’s that famous manager, yeah he’s been doing this and that’.

“It never even crosses my mind. We just take the game on and see what it gets. Afterwards we’ll say hello and off we go, simple as that.

“I can assure you the schmoozing stuff is not something I over think. I have total respect to the man stood next to me – some have done amazing things in the game – but I don’t think about it.”

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