Revealed! The tallest teams in the Premier League – ranked from shortest to tallest this season

Since the introduction of the ‘number 10’, the focus has been on producing shorter, more mobile players, in the image of the likes of Lionel Messi and Andreas Iniesta.

However, the Premier League is renowned as the physically toughest league in the world, meaning height is more of an advantage than it is in LaLiga.

Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona team was full of short stars who could pass and move around intricately to great success – but has he impressed this on his Manchester City team yet?

On the other hand, Tony Pulis is known for having strong and physical squads, as is Jose Mourinho, albeit to a lesser extent.

So who has the tallest side in the Premier League this season? talkSPORT has ranked all 20 teams, only including players that have appeared for their side this season.

Click the arrow above right to see the ranking, from shortest to tallest (as seen on Reddit’s soccer sub thread).

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