REVEALED: The 50 violent offenders who ‘CANNOT’ be deported because of EU open borders

Research published by Vote Leave found 50 cases in which the UK has been unable to deport serious criminals to the other EU nations because of EU law.

The dossier said the criminals would all have been subjected to automatic deportation if EU freedom-of-movement was not in force.

The list included six offenders convicted of homicide, five convicted of sexual offences and 13 convicted of drug dealing. Crimes include murder, rape, blinding a child and possession of 7kg of amphetamine sulphate with intent to supply.

Killers on the list included Theresa Rafacz, a Polish national, who killed her husband, including by kicking him in the face with a shod foot while he lay on the ground drunk, and Andrzej Stankiewicz, who was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for causing death by careless driving while drunk.

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