Revealed! Premier League clubs ranked by foreign imports, from least to most

The influx of foreign players to the Premier League has dramatically increased in the last ten seasons as a result of increased television revenue distributed to the clubs.

This money has attracted thousands of players from abroad and given the 20 Premier League clubs the ability to afford nearly any player they wish.

However, while the increase in foreign players has seen the popularity of England’s top tier soar across the world, it has been blamed for the decline in the national team.

Young English players’ developments have suffered because as clubs prefer to sign players from abroad as they are often cheaper than their homegrown equivalents.

But which current Premier League squads have the highest percentage of players recruited from abroad?

Click the arrow above, right, to see which club has signed more of their current crop of players from overseas as opposed to buying from British clubs.

Stats courtesy of the CIES Football Observatory.

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