REVEALED: Britain already has TEN Brexit trade deals lined up with economic powerhouses

On Friday presidential hopeful  chose Indiana Governor Mark Pence to be his running mate in next year’s elections – a sign, friends say, that a new administration will work hard to repair the “damage” to relationships with Britain and other nations caused by the Obama presidency. 

Last night Indiana’s secretary for commerce Victor Smith, a close friend of Governor Pence, said: “Forget the Eurozone, we already have relationships with so many British companies – Rolls Royce have their largest North American presence in our state with 4,000 employees. Tate and Lyle has invested billions. BP has invested billions. BAe systems has thousands of employees here. These are major relationships. 

“That’s the reason we did what we did. We wanted to tell Britain: “Treaty or no Treaty, Brexit or not, you’re first in the queue with us.”

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