Remi Garde: This Aston Villa ace is not to blame for our poor season

After Villa’s 4-0 thumping at Man City last weekend, the England striker was singled out on Match of the Day as a prime example as to why the Midlands club are rock bottom of the Premier League and heading for inevitable relegation.

Agbonlahor, who has scored once in 17 games, was caught pulling his socks up rather tham chasing back against City. That led to BBC pundit Alan Shearer accusing the lifelong Villan of going through the motions.

Yet despite having blasted Agnonlahor’s poor attitude and form earlier in the campaign, Villa boss Garde argues the latest character assassination of the England man is unfair.

Garde is adamant that everyone, including goal-shy Agbonlahor, is fighting to save their own reputation – as well as that of Villa.

The Frenchman, with three wins in 21 games at the helm, said: “When you suffer a heavy defeat you assess things collectively not individually.

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