Remaining in the EU will DESTROY British jobs, warns Tory MP David Davis

He will say: “The EU has been a destroyer of jobs across the continent, and has created next to no jobs in the UK in recent years. 

“Britain, not the EU, is the job creation machine. The EU is in fact a job transfer machine – switching employment from British workers to those from the Continent.” 

Much of the economic argument has centred over whether Britain could continue to have a free trade agreement with the EU after a Brexit while ending free movement which gives more than 500 million EU citizens the right to relocate to the UK. 

On free trade, he will say that, “there is almost certainly going to be a deal, one that maintains a free market between the EU and the UK,” and that, inside the EU, “there is no doubt that we are missing out on huge trade opportunities around the world.” 

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