Reds’ plans disrupted

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp admits his pre-season training plans will be hit by Euro 2016 in France in June.

Liverpool: Reds' plans disrupted Liverpool: Reds' plans disrupted

The German boss is looking forward to his first close season with the Reds where he can structure his own squad and work with them on the training pitch without the pressure of matches.

However, he has admitted he will not get the time he needs because most of his squad will be away on international duty.

“IÂ’m really looking forward to pre-season,” said Klopp. “The problem with pre-season is that for the first three weeks we have 15 players who will have been away at the European Championship and we also have to see how the squad is changing.

“On another planet we would have six weeks together where we train because in this league it is the only time when you can only train.

“In all of the (pre-season) games we will play we will play out full training.

“So if we play our best in pre-season then IÂ’ve done something completely wrong. ItÂ’s another session, itÂ’s not about beating our opponents.”

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