Pulis anticipates difficult summer

West Brom boss Tony Pulis feels it could be tough to convince his transfer targets to move to the Hawthorns during the summer.

West Brom: Pulis anticipates difficult summerWest Brom: Pulis anticipates difficult summer

The Premier League’s new TV deal comes into place next season and as such the Baggies should have the funds to secure some big deals when the transfer window reopens.

However, Pulis believes it will still be difficult to convince players to move to West Brom, especially if there is competition from a London side.

Pulis also played down the significance of an increased budget as all their Premier League rivals will also have more money to spend.

He told the Express & Star: “There will always be levels that players see clubs at. It’s easier for the so-called bigger clubs and the fact that it’s London as well.

“I think London is a great attraction for players today and I don’t mean to disrespect anywhere else in England. London has always been an attraction for players and their wives.”

He added: “The money obviously changes the situation at this club but it changes the situation at every other club, too.

“You’re still in the same position because everybody else is getting the same as you’re getting. It just inflating the wages and the transfer fees, that’s where the money will go.”

West Brom have brought in new technical director Nick Hammond, who left Reading to join Albion, to oversee their transfer deals alongside Pulis.

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