Premier League prize money: How much your club earned through TV and positions

Leicester are in the money, but even though they are the Premier League champions, they don’t top the prize money table.

Official figures for the 2015/16 season have been released and here is how it is broken down:

Each club gets an equal share of both domestic (£21,924,800) and overseas TV income (£29,415,848) as well as a central commercial payment of £4,509,152 for things like sponsors.

There is £1,242,405 per place, which is the fee Aston Villa earned compared to the £24,848,100 Leicester collected.

In addition there is a ‘facility fee’ for the number of times teams appear on the TV. Every club gets a minimum of £8,782,088 for 10 games or less, then an extra £747,922 for each televised game after that.

Figures are from

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