Premier League legend: Roy Hodgson is biased towards big-club players

He feels players like West Ham pair Aaron Cresswell and Mark Noble are the latest victims of a phenomenon that held him back as a player too.

The former Southampton wizard believes he only earned eight caps because he played for an unfashionable side, while less talented rivals from glamour clubs went on to have long international careers.

Le Tissier, 47, said: “In all fairness to Roy, I don’t think that’s a criticism you can just level at him – that has gone on forever and a day with England, and I’m not just saying that because I was overlooked a bit.

“History tells you that if you are playing for a big club, you’ve got much more chance of being in an England squad.

“Even now, you can be sat on the bench at a big club every week and get in before someone who is playing every week at a so-called lesser team, and I think that’s something that needs to be addressed.

“It’s not just frustrating if you’re a player – I find it frustrating as a fan. One of my big bugbears in life is unfairness and sometimes you look at it and think, ‘Come on – that can’t be right.’

“You see this player or that player who is not playing very much for his club… just because he’s earning more money at a bigger club doesn’t necessarily make him a better footballer than another guy who’s playing well every week in the same position.

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