Prankster dad responds with THIS photo after his son’s school asks why he is absent

“My wife takes my humour in her stride – though she does say that one day it might bite me on the back side.”

In previous text message replies to the school, his responses have included blaming hippos for James being late in and not wanting James to “sh** his pants” in the classroom for why he remained off ill.

In May 2015, when the school enquired why James was absent, he replied: “Oh dear god… We took James out last night to celebrate the end of his GCSE exams. We had a couple of cocktails…

“Not sure what happened next but I’ve woken up in a hotel room with a six foot plastic flamingo in my bed and what looks like Mike Tyson’s tiger in the corner of the room.

“I think we may be in Las Vegas? I’ve no idea where James is. Will check the roof.” 

James, who hopes to one day study design or architecture, claims his dad has developed a reputation among both classmates and teachers alike.

He said: “Everyone takes it in good humour. One of the teachers even high fived me once when they heard about his latest prank.

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