PMQs LIVE: Knives are out in the Commons as May and Corbyn clash over police and crime


12.08pm: Corbyn’s up. He joins May in offering a tribute to the dead soldier as well as those who campaigned for women to given the vote.

He moves on to crime and asks with offences on the rise, does Mrs May have any regrets about cutting the police force by 21,000 officers.

Mrs May responds by saying crime is down to record low levels, which Corbyn doubts, saying crime is up by a fifth.

Corbyn said: “Recorded crime is up by a fifth, violent crime is up by 20 per cent and when the prime minister was home secretary £2.3 billion was cut from police budgets.”

He said an inspectorate said the police cuts is a “national crisis” and questioned May over cutting 21,000 police officers.

He said: “The inspectorate found the police are failing to record tens of thousands of offences.

“The chief constable of Bedfordshire said we do not have the resources to keep citizens safe, it is a scandal.” 

Mrs May replied by saying there has been more recording of crime in general.

She said: “This is a government that is protecting police budgets.” 

12.05pm: Tory MP Craig Mackinlay asks for assurances that Thanet, his constituency, will be given more time to get its local plan right following failings by the UKIP-led council.

May says she is considering intervening as a result of the council’s failings.

12.01pm: Theresa May opens with a tribute to a captain who died in a road traffic accident in Iraq before moving on to mention the centenary of women getting the vote.

She says: “I am sure the whole house will want to join me in marking the heroic and tireless struggle that led to women having the vote”. 

After jeers of “some women” from the Labour bench, she says all women got the vote just ten years later under a Tory government.

11.55am: Vince Cable’s ready (even though he doesn’t actually get a question by right)

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