PM pledges to get BEST DEAL for Britain from EU on trade & says he will NOT ignore result

Responding to the Prime Minister, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn delivered a blast to his MPs who have spent the last two days plotting to bring about his downfall.

Despite having seen the vast majority of his shadow cabinet resign and urge him to stand down as leader, Mr Corbyn is defiantly clinging to his position.

He will tomorrow face a no confidence vote among Labour MPs furious at his failed attempts to get the party’s supporters to vote to remain in the EU.

Since last week’s Brexit vote, it has been revealed more than a third of those who voted for Labour at last year’s general election snubbed the party’s pro-EU position and voted to leave the bloc.

Mr Corbyn has been heavily criticised for his lacklustre campaigning, which has sparked the moves against him.

But, in a retort to his critics, the Labour leader said: “Our country is divided and the country will thank neither the benches in front of me, nor those behind, for indulging in internal faction manoeuvring at this time.

“We have serious matters to discuss in this House and in the country…”

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