Pires gunning for major Arsenal job

Arsenal legend Robert Pires has revealed his ambition to become sporting director at the club and says Arsene Wenger knows it.

Arsenal: Pires gunning for major Arsenal jobArsenal: Pires gunning for major Arsenal job

Speaking to L’Equipe, the Frenchman has revealed he has always had a strong bond with Wenger and their relationship didn’t even deteriorate when he was substituted in the 2006 Champions League final.

He said: “Later, in 2011, when I came back to London after Aston Villa, I want to give back to Arsenal everything it gave me. I’m not rancorous! I become ambassador at the club. The next step would be to become a sporting director, that’s what I want and Arsene knows it.

“We never talked again about the 2006 final, it’s ancient history.”

Pires says he doesn’t think Wenger will leave Arsenal until he wins the Premier League again because it would only be fitting for the boss to go out on a high.

“When he’ll win the league again. Then, I can see him say ‘I’m leaving’. Every start of the season, that’s his number one objective. The only time I’ve seen him truly emotional was when we were champions in 2004. When he lifted the trophy, I saw him touched.

“It’s the year we’re champions without losing a single match. I don’t know if he’ll ever say it but this is what he considers his biggest achievement.”

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