PC gone mad: Outrage as school calls police after pupil looks at Ukip website in class

Responding to the revelations, UKIP’s education spokeswoman Louise Bours said: “It is absolutely outrageous that a school is trying to censor its students in this way. Teachers are supposed to promote learning and understanding, not narrow their pupils’ world view and stifle debate.

“I find it astonishing beyond belief that officers saw fit to interview a child who was simply trying to complete his homework and I am deeply disturbed that both the police and this school appear to consider UKIP an extremist organisation. 

“UKIP is Britain’s third largest political party and was backed by four million voters at the last General Election. This is just another shocking example of the pervasive left-wing culture which has infected large parts of Britain’s public service.” 

UKIP’s Hampshire PCC candidate Roy Swales added: “This is a worrying incident. I can only assume that the police and some educators are engaged in an anti UKIP campaign to prevent young people looking at our party.

“As a candidate for Police Commissioner I am troubled that the police may be covertly attempting to influence the election in May.” 

In a statement head teacher Marie-Louise Litton said: “Following an incident Wildern School contacted 101 for advice and were referred to the specialist team who made the decision to arrange a meeting with the student and their parent in school on 24th February. No further action was proposed.”

The Department for Education said that assessing what material pupils are accessing online is largely a matter for individual schools. 

This month the department has finished carrying out a consultation with schools and parents about how to keep children safe – including issues around Internet access – with the results now being assessed.

Hampshire Police said they had informal contact with the pupil after concerns were raised about his internet usage.

A spokeswoman said the contact was not solely down to accessing the Ukip website but said that may have come up during the discussion.

Hampshire Police and the school were happy that no formal action needed to be taken.

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