PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Wenger’s Arsenal shambles, European Super League, Aston Villa SOS

They should have gone on and dominated English football, they didn’t.

Look at his record over the last few years. It’s 3rd, 4th, 4th, 3rd, 4th… How is that success?

This is Arsenal football club! When I was there we were expected to WIN something.

Every year. These players, they’ll sit their grandchildren on their knee when they retire and what will they say? “Oh I played in the Champions League for 16 years”. Did you win anything?

“No, but that was a big deal in those days…”

Wenger said Arsenal were unlucky against Swansea. What is he on about?

He said they only had two shots – don’t let two goals in then! How can you lose to a struggling Swansea team who rested players to focus on Norwich this weekend and only went to Arsenal to lie down?

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