PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Spurs and Chelsea deserve harsh punishment and De Bruyne is overrated

AFTER watching how poor Manchester City were this week I can see now why Jose Mourinho let Kevin De Bruyne go.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good player. But that was a huge game and he did absolutely NOTHING. City looked petrified to me and it got so bad that Sergio Aguero had to pick the ball up from the centre-halves.

Manuel Pellegrini said they were unlucky. Don’t make me laugh. They had one chance for the whole match, when Aguero hit one from miles out – and that was never, ever going in.

De Bruyne was the worst, though. He had a chance to put a simple set piece into the danger area, in a game where they’ve had no chances, and he tried to score instead. Unbelievable!

That was never on in a million years and it summed City up. They were atrocious and all those players should regret it for the rest of their careers. They were a goal away from the final!

Joe Hart said they were going to go to war with Real Madrid. Was he having a laugh? This has been a poor season for City. If you think being this far behind Leicester in the league and winning the Capital One Cup is a good season for a team with City’s money, you’re dreaming.

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