PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Roy Hodgson got his squad choice all wrong… it could prove costly

So you can’t take a fourth who hasn’t played there for months. No disrespect to Eric Dier, he’s a good player. But he’s a holding midfielder.

Say we play Portugal in one of the knockout rounds, and Dier has to play centre-half. You watch where Cristiano Ronaldo plays.

He won’t be playing on the wing. He’ll be up front and going against Dier every single chance he gets. Teams will see it as a weakness.

I hope it isn’t, but that decision could be the difference between England doing something or coming home early again. It’s ridiculous.

The rest of the squad doesn’t fill you with hope either. What has Fabian Delph done to deserve a call-up? How many games has Jordan Henderson played?

Andros Townsend has only turned up in about three games all season – and you can’t tell me Jack Wilshere is going to be 100 per cent fit.

He’s picked midfielders who are all essentially the same player, and ignored Mark Noble, who’s had another outstanding season and is fully fit. Crazy.

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