PAUL MERSON COLUMN: Luiz hasn’t improved, Wilshere move could prove costly, Antonio backed

I thought the big shock of the day could be Dimitri Payet. I really thought he might be leaving West Ham. He hasn’t played any football yet and now they’ve sold all their season tickets, I thought he might go somewhere. But he didn’t.

I just wonder if Chelsea have done the right thing with Luiz. They do say never go back. And he doesn’t strike me as a Conte signing. That’s why I wonder if it’s another Shevchenko.

Has the owner bought him even though the manager isn’t keen? Conte has worked with some of the best defenders in the world.

Big, reliable, safety-first types like Leonardo Bonucci, Giorgio Chiellini and Andrea Barzagli. Luiz is not in that class. Why else did Chelsea try and buy about six other defenders before they signed him?

Players like Bonucci, they don’t take risks. Luiz does. You just know he’ll be doing a Cruyff turn in his own box at some point or getting himself into trouble with a mazy run.

Defensively, Conte is up there with the likes of George Graham as a manager. But I can’t see George ever picking a player like Luiz in his team.

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